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Alpaca Information


Cardinal Creek Farm offers a range of products and services, including alpaca sales, breeding services, agistment (boarding), yarns, clothing, and household products. Our products, services, and livestock continue to change and improve. Availability changes as products and services grow and improve. We want our customers to love, appreciate, and enjoy these wonderful animals and their beautiful fleece. We share our knowledge, experience, and resource information with our customers as long as needed. Need information about starting your alpaca adventure, talk to us about it.  Our female alpacas loved their Great Pyrenees guardian, unfortunately we lost him in 2019 due to old age.


You may find what you are looking for at CCF, whether it is for your alpaca business, a hobby interest, or something to wear. If you have not seen what you are looking for give us a call and let us talk to you about it.

Consideration will be given to additional or alternate package alpaca sales. Alpaca sales are FOB Cardinal Creek Farm.


Visits and inquiries are always welcome and hands-on examination of the soft luxurious fiber is a must. 

You may contact CCF at: or CALL (405) 830-4649

All fiber testing by Yocom-McColl Testing Laboratory, Inc,


call for pricing


Manchu's Lunar Eclipse

DOB: 11/11/2009
Ari #31873017
white, Proven
2013 Mean Fiber Diameter: 19.1
2015 Mean Fiber Diameter: 20.4
2018 Mean Fiber Diameter: 22
Eclipse daughter and Fleece pictured below.



Daughter of Eclipse:  Lerelei, light fawn.  Her dam Clarisa was light fawn. 


 Eclipse:  fleece


 Eclipse:  fleece


Diamond Peruvian Tango

Ari #31226332
2015 Mean Fiber Diameter: 27.8
2018 Mean Fiber Diameter: 28

Juvenile Sales


Diego's Vasco


DOB 06/21/2010
ARI #32134032
Medium Brown
Unproven, first cria expected fall 2020
2015 Mean Fiber Diameter: 21.2
2018 Mean Fiber diameter: 22


Diamond Peruvian Rumba, Left


DOB: 11/29/2007          White

ARI #30856387             Full Peruvian,

Unproven, expecting his first cria fall 2020

2012 mean fiber diameter 22.9

2015 mean fiber diameter 21.7

2018 mean fiber diameter 24

Two of our younger males have grown up and have joined the herd sires. Our black Shadow Man is 4 years old and has a 2018 micron of 22.7.

Our medium fawn Windsor is also 4 years old and has a 2018 micron of 20.6.

Both of these males are unproven; Shadow is expecting his first Cria in the fall of2020. Windsor's first breedings will be priced very reasonability.

Juvenile Alpaca Sales

                                                             None available at this time.

Male Alpaca Sales

Additional offers may be considered.


Male Huacaya, Diego's Vasco, Right
DOB 06/21/2010, Medium Brown 
2013 mean fiber diameter: 21.1 
2015 mean fiber diameter: 21.2 
2018 mean fiber diameter: 22
ARI #32134032 Unproven, Vasco is expecting his first cria this 2020 fall
Price: $


Male Huacaya, Diamond Ravenclaw
DOB: 09/24/2004 Bay Black, Gelding
ARI #1176117 Full Peruvian
2012 mean fiber diameter: 20.7
Price: Sold


Male Suri, Diamond Peruvian Rumba, Left
DOB: 11/29/2007 White
ARI #30856387 Full Peruvian, Unproven, Rumba is expecting his first cria  in the fall of 2020 for one of CCF customers.
2012 mean fiber diameter: 22.9
2015 mean fiber diameter: 21.7
2018 mean fiber diameter: 24
Price: $


Male, Huacaya, Cacao's Charlie Chaplin  right.
DOB 10/01/2012 True Black, white face

ARI #23449365

2013 Mean Fiber Diameter: 18.6
2015 Mean Fiber Diameter: 20.0 



Mr. Oliver, Pictured Left
DOB 12/14/2013, True Black
ARI #3259815
2015 Mean Fiber Diameter: 19.3



Female Alpaca Sales

Additional offers will be considered.


Vidal's Carina right
Proven Female, open
DOB 9/25/09
ARI 31645065
2015 Mean Fiber Diameter: 23.8
2018 Mean Fiber Diameter: 28
Price: $ Sold


Just So Sweet Beth

Female DOB 10/23/11
ARI #31210881
Medium Fawn, Unproven
2015 Mean Fiber Diameter: 20.0
2018 Mean Fiber Diameter: 24.9
Price : $ ​Sold


Nova's Gold Morena  right
Female DOB 06/09/2008
ARI #31338288
Dark Fawn
First Place, 2009 A-OK Blastoff

2015 Mean Fiber Diameter: 26.2
Price: Sold


RSR Bessie Brooks,  Female  left

DOB 5/30/11
ARI #31210898
Medium Brown (Should be changed to Rose Gray)
2015 Mean Fiber Diameter: 19.1

Price: Sold


JRA Bella "Doro, right
Proven Female
DOB 10/9/2005
ARI #1240863
Medium Fawn
Proven, open
This girl has produced a daughter winning first place at the A-OK Blastoff, and cria colors in white and fawn, 2014 granddaughter that is medium brown and turning rose gray. 

2015 Mean Fiber Diameter: 26.8
2018 Micron: 26.8

Alpaca Fiber Sales

Fleece may be special ordered

Raw fleece is sold by grade and weight. 

Grade 1 - Whole blanket in a natural color.     Priced by the pound

Grade 2 - One natural color.                             Priced by the pound

If the buyer desires the latest fleece lab test we have available, we will be provided it with the order.  We will also send a picture of the alpaca.

Call for pricing, current pricing.  Whole blanket weights average about 3 pounds.

Each natural color ordered will be packaged separately.  Orders are limited by availability and are on a first come basis.

A nonrefundable 25% deposit is required for special orders.

Sheering is generally mid-April each year, special fleece orders must be paid and picked up within 10 days.  Shipping may be requested at an additional charge.

Telephone orders are accepted and may be paid with credit cards through PayPal.

Average Pricing:  Grade 1 blankets

Grade 1: Baby alpaca, exceptionally fine, 21 micron and under - $25 - $30 per lb.

Grade 1: 21-23 micron range:  $25 - $30 per lb.

Grade 1: 24-28 micron grange: $15 - $20 per lb.

A lessor quality  and grade 2 may be available.

Fleeces are generally sold not washed, and not skirted, we prefer that the buyer skirt the fleece to the degree they find desirable.  Buyer that want blankets skirted add $5.00 per lb.

Fleece orders should by placed by the end of March of each year for assurance of availability.

Some fleece may be available until November of each year, but are generally skirted before November..

Limited amounts of roving or bats may also be available, sold by the oz. currently $6 per ounce.  Most roving is a blend of color and either merino, bamboo or silk.

We will do our best to evaluate each blanket according to quality, handle, tensile, vegetative matter, length and price accordingly.


Sheering blanket

Samples we carry. Many more items on site.


Yarns weights include: Bulky, worsted, sport, and fingerling. 150 to 300 yds. per skein. 


            Sample of our handwoven rugs. 


Hand made fingerless gloves, two or three designs are available, such as the above, also  a lace look. One size fit most, some sizes are medium to large, some small to medium. 


 We also carry a few items made in Peru, such as the above cape.  However most items are made at the farm or in Oklahoma by experienced fiber artists.


 If you are looking for that fashion item that is unique or one of a kind, we may have what you are looking for.  Our hand knitted or woven items are generally exclusive from our farm fiber.